Saturday, June 23, 2012

Movie got postponed end up hauling!

Hi ladies, me and the bf were supposed to see a Filipino movie yesterday. We drove for about an hour, and next we know the movie that were about to see got postponed!!! Whattt a pain... But, luckily the mall was just beside the movie theater and y'all know what goes around the mall of course I won't go home without a bag on my hand ahhaha. So, I went to Victoria Secret specifically to buy some bras ( not shown on this haul ) so I got me two bras and a pink v-neck shirt I've been wanting this shirt forever hahahahah I just don't believe on spending $22.50 for a shirt so, I was happy to get it for $12.99 it still pricey though lol. And my biggest splurge of that day was the Coach wallet and wristlets although I think I got a really good deal on both. During that time Coach was having additional 30% off entire purchase.. I just love great deals.

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