Saturday, June 23, 2012

Movie got postponed end up hauling!

Hi ladies, me and the bf were supposed to see a Filipino movie yesterday. We drove for about an hour, and next we know the movie that were about to see got postponed!!! Whattt a pain... But, luckily the mall was just beside the movie theater and y'all know what goes around the mall of course I won't go home without a bag on my hand ahhaha. So, I went to Victoria Secret specifically to buy some bras ( not shown on this haul ) so I got me two bras and a pink v-neck shirt I've been wanting this shirt forever hahahahah I just don't believe on spending $22.50 for a shirt so, I was happy to get it for $12.99 it still pricey though lol. And my biggest splurge of that day was the Coach wallet and wristlets although I think I got a really good deal on both. During that time Coach was having additional 30% off entire purchase.. I just love great deals.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

DIY high waisted shorts and cropped shirts

Just wanted to share with you all the recent DIY items that I made. I forgot to take a pic of the original pants. So, it was already cut off and dyed. Here in the picture. The shirt before and the after. With the DIY high waisted shorts. I'm still debating whether I should dye it in a different color. Total cost of the outfit=$5.00 (pants were $1.50 and shirt was $2.50) thrifting is the best way to be in style this summer. Can't wait to wear this outfit :)

Thoughts of the day...

Boredom the state I feeling bored... A person gets bore because of many reasons, once being by themselves and not having a company at all. Some reason of being bore is the lack of communication between two individuals, the lack of activities to do and being with an excluded group. I dislike being bore nevertheless, it happens all the time. I perceive boredom is part of my life and everyone's life. It sucks that we all have to deal with it! I silently invoke that boredom never insists.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tiny haul...

Decided to go to the mall after work today for the Victoria Secret Semi Annual Sale.. It was super hectic so, I just skipped it and went to forever 21 and H&M instead. Ladies if you have H&M near you.. You gals better go now since they're having a humongous sale... Here are the things I hauled today i forgot to take a picture of my new sunnies.

Monday, June 11, 2012

DIY color cords bracelet

Yet another DIY project..I was bored @ home so, I decided to make some bracelet..

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lazy Sunday :/

I'm so tired today for some reason, work has been taking over all my energy...:/ anyhow, I've ordered a pair of swimwear from VS image down below. I really like how simple it is but, with the ruffle detailing it makes it so much endearing don't you think?

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Buffet Friday

So, bf and I decided to go on the buffet and y'all know we did some damaged..I Forgot to take pictures on deserts :/

Dream beat summer

Browsing @ UO site earlier and I've seen this two outfits and I fell in love with them...

Monday, June 4, 2012

May Collective Fashion haul

Hello ladies, so here are the things that I purchased in the month of May. Most of the things that I got were on clearance, since I'm a bargain hunter. I don't believe on paying full price except on the things that I really really like or want. I like to explore different stores and not stick on one or two. I think you'll find a better deals by going to different stores. Anyhow, all the tops that I got are mainly in size small as well as the shorts and one dress. The shoes were size 7 from Urban Outfitter but, I normally wear size 6.5 but, for some reason the sizes in UO runs a bit small. I hope you ladies will like this post.😊

Saturday, June 2, 2012

What's in my purse?

Since, I'm still too shy to do videos on YouTube I might as well just do a post on what's in my purse. So, here's the purse I'm enjoying at the moment. It's a fringe white shoulder/ cross-body bag that I got at Rue 21 for $7.00 I scored big time on this one. So, what's inside the bag... Nothing too interesting really, I just have my coach wallet, coin purse and my random make up bag which carries random stuff. Although I love make up, I could careless bring them with me, I mean I'm a typical person that doesn't wear make up on a daily basis.I wear make up maybe twice or thrice a week at the most. However, I love collecting and playing with them. Weird right?!? But anyhow, let go back on what I carry with me on a daily basis. As you can see I have my car keys, ooops forgotten to take. Pic of my iphone, I have my antibacterial wet wipes, burt's bees lip balm my favorite, lip-stains, mirror, of course I gotta have my body spray and hand lotion and most importantly my nail cutter coz I can't stand long nails at least for myself.